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Bridgeport Hospital: Benefits Plans

Medical Plan Options
Administered by Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield.
No referrals required.

  • Yale New Haven Health Advantage Plus Plan
    Provides in- and out-of-network coverage.
    • Highest level of benefits when services are provided at a YNHHS hospital.
    • In-network benefits: 100% Preventive care coverage, $25 copay office visits, $30 copay specialist office visits and 100% coverage for most services, after $300/$900 deductible. No claim forms required.
    • Out-of-network benefits: 70% coverage for many services after $700 individual/$2,100 family deductible is met.
  • Yale New Haven Health Advantage Plan
    Lower per pay contributions, but must meet a deductible if you need major health care services.
    • In-network benefits: 100% Preventive care coverage, $35 copay office visits, $40 copay specialist office visits, no deductible. Most other services covered at 80% after $400 individual/$1,200 family deductible.
    • Out-of-network benefits: $1,000 individual/$3,000 family deductible; 60% coverage for most services.

Prescription Drug Program

This plan is included with your medical plan election and is administered by CVS Caremark. Employees pay, per prescription, $6 for generic drugs, 20% ($30 min/$55 max) for preferred brand drugs and 40% ($50 min/$95 max) for other brand drugs at participating pharmacies (no coverage at out-of-network pharmacies). Up to a 30-day supply provided.

Long-term, maintenance medications must be obtained through the "Maintenance Choice Program." There are two options for receiving 90-day supplies: through the CVS Caremark Mail Service Program or at any CVS Pharmacy. Employees pay, per prescription, $15 for generic drugs, 20% ($60 min/$110 max) for preferred brand drugs and 40% ($100 min/$190 max). Call 1-877-636-0406 or for more information.

Dental Plan Options

  • Delta Dental Basic Plan
    Covers 100% of preventive (no deductible) and 80% of restorative services after a $50 (single)/$100 (family) deductible.
  • Delta Dental Plus Plan
    Same coverage as Basic Plan with the addition of: 50% coverage for major services after deductible, 50% orthodontic coverage and 50% TMJ coverage - each with a lifetime max of $1700.

Vision Service Plan (VSP)

Benefit eligible employees can enroll in the Vision Plan. VSP network doctors provide top quality care and offer a wide selection of frames to choose from- all in one convenient location. Get exams, contacts, frames and/or lenses at affordable prices. Call 1-800-877-7195 or go to for more information.

Life Insurance

Benefit eligible employees are enrolled in life insurance equal to one times their annual salary (to a max of $50,000) at no cost. Employees also have the option of purchasing with post-tax dollars, additional insurance up to five times their annual base salary. Spouse and child life insurance are also available.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Benefits eligible employees may elect to have a portion of their salary deducted on a pre-tax basis to pay for medical and/or dependent care expenses. Use of these salary conversion dollars reduces the amount of gross income subject to income taxes and social security.

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